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Sarah and Bollie

My husband and I had just returned from a year back-packing around the world to find we were pregnant. It was most definitely welcome news but coming on the back of the most self indulgent year of our lives it was a bit of a shock to the system!

3.5 years later we have “the bear” (a hectic, and sometimes adorable, 2.5 year old boy) and Bollie (a feisty, and sometimes gorgeous, 16 month old girl).

Living in South West London and on the path to becoming a mumtrepreneur Sarah is a typical Mum juggling work ( in her case the start up and running of 2 businesses Bouncy Jam (the sole UK distributor for Yumbox) and cheeky elephant) with the demands of being Mummy to “the terrorists”!

Sarah started blogging in Oct 2013 when she started her mumtrepreneur journey. It was her way of venting / sharing the ups and downs of her journey (and saving her husband ‘Long Suffering Husband’ a few rants). If you wish to read this blog you will find it at – http://entrepreneurmum.wordpress.com.

Finding the process of blogging oddly cathartic (and very addictive!) Sarah started this blog (One Mummy and her Double Buggy) in response to several requests via social media and good friends for details of some of her favourite kid friendly London haunts.

WARNING – if you don’t have kids this is unlikely to be a very interesting read but if you do and you like to get out and about with them then welcome to the chaos!

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