Wimbledon Park

With the eyes of the world on Wimbledon for the next couple of weeks, I thought it was only apt that I blog about our favorite piece of it – Wimbledon Park!

 Wimbledon Park

On a hot summers morning it is The Terrorists current favorite destination (due mainly to the splash park) so here is a quick summary of what we love about it.

When the tennis isn’t on it has a free car park (see below for full details).  We usually park here and get out our assortment of scooters, buggies (one for Bollie and one for her to push UpsyDaisy in!) and random bouncy balls and make our way (along smooth, flat, paths – a blessing in themselves!) to the café.

The café is open from 09.00 and does a great cooked breakfast, light lunch menu and a fantastic range of ice creams.  We usually opt for a take-out coffee so we can get straight on the mini golf course.  This is only open at weekends and holidays and charges £5 for a round (they usually just charge for the adult and let the kids have a club for free as ours are so little).  It isn’t the most exciting mini golf course in London but The Terrorists think it is wonderful and will happily play for an hour pushing their balls round with the clubs and placing their balls in the hole to declare they won (lessons on not cheating are a future problem!).

IMG_6219 Mini golf in Wimbledon Parl

After this we head over to the playground and splash park.  The playground is great and very well equipped, though does tend to be busy (even on weekdays).  There is a huge sandpit with a range of buckets and spades that have been left by other children and some cool climbing equipment for creating pretend shops for selling sand (another Terrorist favorite!).

Next stop is the highlight.  The splash park (which opens for the summer months).  This is always busy but somehow never seems to detract from the fun.  An assortment of fountains and sprinklers go off at intervals.  Everyone ends up soaking and the sound of kids shrieking and giggling (in Bollie’s case she giggles the whole time she is there – a jet of water to the face seems to be no deterrent!) can be heard everywhere.  It is worth taking swimwear as there is no such thing as just paddling your feet in and LSH and I usually end up pretty sodden and exhausted too!

The Terrorists at Wimbedon Park Splash Park Wet Bollie at Wimbedon Park Splash Park The Terrorists at Wimbedon Park Splash Park stood on a fountain

Finally we wander through the little rockery, throw a few pooh sticks and walk up to the huge lake where we watch people sailing and feed the (quite aggressive – this is not for the faint hearted!) geese.

Its not a big day out and we usually only stay 2 – 3 hours but the park itself is very very pretty and the atmosphere is always lovely so it is well worth a visit

 The Terrorists and LSH at Wimbedon Park

Time to visit – a half day is probably plenty unless you have a picnic rug or wish to use the parks tennis or beach volleyball facilities

Highlights – there are 3 main entrances.  We always use the one on Revelstoke Road as this is where the free car park is

Getting there – we usually drive but it is walkable from Wimbledon Park, Southfields or Wimbledon Overland station

Pushchair access – the whole park is very pushchair friendly with lots of flat paths and ramps

Price – FREE! With a £5 charge for the mini golf

Food and Drink – the café is quite basic but has a lovely terrace and good (if fairly standard) café food

Other attractions nearby – the shops and restaurants of Wimbledon are a short walk

Baby facilities – there is a (fairly grotty) public baby change and outdoor toilets in the park.  The café doesn’t have its own facilities so you need to use these


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