My new businesses!



I should start this post with an apology. 

This blog is meant to be all about the things I get up to with my kids in and around London.  I have a separate blog about setting myself up as an mumtrepreneur (you can reach it at  The last couple of weeks, however, have been extremely exciting ones for me.   Both of my businesses (cheekyelephant and YumboxUK) have now launched, and so I couldn’t resist sharing a little bit of what has been going on with you here (sorry I’m like a proud new parent showing off endless pictures of a scrunched up newborn!).

I’ll try and keep it brief, but in summary, back in October I decided I wouldn’t be going back to my career in management consultancy but would look to start up my own business which would allow me to focus more time and attention on The Terrorists (i.e. my kids!)  I spent the first couple of months investigating a whole range of options from property management to gift subscriptions until eventually (more through luck than design) I stumbled upon the route I have taken – importing products for children.  The concept is that I find products which are popular in other countries but have not, as yet, been launched in the UK and I become the exclusive importer for them here.  Since then I have found 2 products and in the past 2 weeks I have started to receive stock on them in the UK!


The first of my businesses is called cheeky elephant.  It consists of a range of gorgeous wall hangings and soft toys which are handmade in Thailand (by an ethical workshop of ladies supporting themselves and their families using their craft).  The range is bright and colourful and looks fantastic as a decoration for a nursery or playroom as well as providing hours of fun and education for little people who would rather play with art than look at it!  I have a busy time ahead as we launch the range on but for now I am just excited to be able to say that it is available for purchase via the website (I even have a discount code for you lovely readers – simply enter TUW1EQJ at the checkout to get 15% off).


The second business is YumboxUK.  This one imports award winning, bento, kids lunchboxes are already a huge hit in the US and Australia.  My kids use their every day for picnics and snacks and by following the illustrated, nutritionally balanced compartments I know they are always getting a balanced meal.  Again there is still a huge amount of work ahead as we take delivery of our first big shipment to amazon in July and then expand the range with an adult version in the autumn.  If you would like to get hold of one of the first Yumboxes on sale in the UK, visit our website where we still have a couple of our pre-order boxes left available.


Well apologies once again for my ‘business bragging’!  8 months ago I was a busy Mum, at the end of her maternity leave, dreading having to leave her babies 5 days a week while I tried to juggle a career which no longer suited me.  I knew I wanted something different and so (with the help of a very supportive husband and some very lovely family and friends) I set up 2 businesses.  I am by no means done, I intend to grow both of them over the coming months as well as looking to add another to my little portfolio.  Its not for everyone but I can honestly say I have never enjoyed work so much and that for me this is providing the perfect balance between working and being  a Mum (as you can see I also have the kids roped in to help me!)


If you are thinking of making a similar lifestyle change yourself, please do get in touch via and check out my mumtrepreneur blog – it isn’t easy but it can be hugely rewarding and I am more than happy to have a chat with you about what it involves.


PS – normal service will resume next week as I review Legoland as a day out for toddlers!



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