A trip to the deli

Last weekend I took my 3 year old to a deli.  I gave him some money (he is very into playing shops at the moment!) and asked him to choose one item to buy.  The only rule was that it had to be something he had never tried before.

He chose blue cheese (against my better judgement!) and after the excitement of paying for it and bringing his purchase home we sat down to try it together.  I had assumed he would hate it (I think I was in my 20s before I ate blue cheese).  I’m not sure if it was the fact he had chosen it himself but once he had given it a try he just loved it!

Its definitely a trick worth trying if you have a little one who is fearful of trying new foods.

Pictured is our Yumbox (see http://www.yumbox-uk.co.uk) picnic for a day trip to the farm.  You can see it contains the remainder of my sons block of blue cheese as well as some cheddar sandwich rolls, avocado, crackers, strawberries and a couple of Easter Egg treats.  It is all made fun by some super cute bento picks from Eats Amazing.


Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday

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